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HP jaman sekarang gan !! BB lewat...

Perkembangan barang elektronik seperti gadget, komputer, handphone, dll sangatlah pesat. Teknologi terkini yang cukup menghebohkan adalah handphone transparan, window phone...

Handphone ini termasuk unik, selain karena bentuknya yang sangat ramping, selain itu juga karena warnanya yang transparan seperti kaca. Window phone ini mempunyai inovasi fitur yang sedikit aneh jika dibandingkan dengan handphone lainnya. 

Window phone mempunyai fitur cuaca yang dapat membuatnya mengikuti cuaca yang ada disekitarnya. Ketika cuaca sedang cerah, handphone ini juga cerah. Ketika cuaca hujan, handphone ini akan berubah theme menjadi hujan. Ketika cuaca salju, handphone ini themenya berubah menjadi salju juga. Dan begitu seterusnya.. 

Berikut beberapa gambar handphone tersebut.... 

Apple Phone– Concept phone On one hand,clear conceptual phones already,So this is just the first,but on the other,the so called window phone has one impressive feature its transparent housing varies depending in the weather! Thus, in the sunny days, the screen will be completely transparent,on a rainy day it will show virtual drops on screen and on a snowy day it is totally covered with frost,i.e. the translucent screen will look like as well as present a window into a variety of weather. I do not know how practical it will be,but at least ,it’s a very original idea!!! 

Nokia’s transparent phone concept Which is not in use at this time, the touch screen of this phone is goes off, leaving only the white bottom and glass, as the upper part is going to be cleared when it is not in use, which does not know much about its true identity as a phone. Clearly the top of the phone lights up the inside, giving the display more power and make it easier to see what you’re doing, even in the dark.

transparent nokia 
when it recives incoming calls the key pad is active and prominent the key pad
Despite looks is very compact, in the bottom it has 5-megapixel camera making this phone glorious and differentiate it from many comparable conventional phone designs on the market today. We believe that clean, clear design will be the winner in the market.

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